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Mineral Water Degassing

Tobacco Product Humidification

Vacuum Evaporators

Salad Oil and Fat Deodorization

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Sausage and Ham Production

Sugar Industry

Vacuum Conveying

Vacuum Drying

Many processes in the food and beverage industry can be optimized by using vacuum technology. In addition, in the food packaging process, the vacuum pump can be used to exhaust air, which can prolong the storage time of food and can remove odor.

Mineral Water Degassing

Natural source mineral water contains carbon acid, minerals and iron. If exposed to air, the iron dissolved in the water will oxidize, making the water taste bad. The water needs to be iron-removed at a pressure of about 50 mbar, but first a vacuum pump is used to remove the carbides from the water, which is then introduced for the production of soda water.

Tobacco Product Humidification

Without proper humidification, tobacco products packaged in boxes are too fragile and can be shredded during further processing. The air in the box is evacuated with a vacuum pump, steam and sometimes fragrance are added.

Vacuum Evaporators

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used to assist in the evaporation of liquid substances in mixtures. The evaporator is usually packed tower. According to the actual use environment, the vacuum pump can be made of standard materials or stainless steel material.

Vacuum evaporators can be used in many occasions, such as milk evaporators in milk processing plants, dope evaporators in pulp plants, crystallization units in chemical plants, and tray evaporators in sugar plants etc.


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