High Pressure Blower for Textile Industry

High-pressure blowers can be used in the textile industry.

Because of its large exhaust air volume, high adsorption capacity and low noise, it does not need to be overhauled or added with grease, and has very little pollution to the fabric.

The machinery is equipped with hydraulic reversing valve, which can achieve the purpose of fully automatic posture. The machine generally equips large flow high pressure blower, which can cause excellent practical application effects.


The Principle of High Pressure Blower in the Textile Industry

Textile equipment uses the negative pressure caused by the blower to separate the spinning products and moisture, which is also a common way of drying on the textile industry equipment. In addition, the knots and other residues caused during the whole process of weaving can be digested and absorbed by the adsorption force of the cooling fan, thereby improving product quality and improving work efficiency. It can quickly and neatly absorb dust and water droplets.

When selecting the model, clients generally choose the moisture-proof and extended air pump. The blower uses a large inclined angle leaf design, which has a smaller volume, a lighter net weight, and a higher working pressure. It has the dual functions of blowing and sucking. Because the blower has a clean and tidy output vapor, there is no worry about environmental pollution of textile products.


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