Installation of Blower in Food Dryer

Three things to pay attention to when installing blower for food dryer/heat pump dryer

  1. The fan and air duct of the food dryer should be connected with a hose (flexible, non-flammable hose), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter should be the same as the water inlet and outlet of the blower. In order to ensure that the hose is not deformed during the operation of the system, the device should be properly sealed. The canvas hose installed at the suction end of the blower can be installed tightly to avoid being sucked in when the blower is running and reduce the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose.

  2. The steel support of the dryer must be fixed on the concrete foundation, and rubber cushions must be added between the steel support and the foundation. All fan and motor components are installed on an integral steel bracket, and the steel floor bracket is installed on the shock-proof pad on the top of the foundation, preferably made of porous rubber.

  3. The outlet diameter of the blower can only be large, not small. Finally, the air outlet should be equipped with an anti-insect net, and the air should be inclined upward with a rain cap.


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