High Pressure Blower Common Troubleshooting

Any brand of blower, as long as it is in use, will have some problems, so we need to have a certain understanding of the blower, and know how to maintain the blower.

What should we do if the blower temperature becomes high during use?

This problem is the same as when we use computers. The longer we turn on the computer, the easier it is to get hot. If the blower temperature becomes high, we can try the following methods to investigate one by one.

If the temperature of the air inlet is too high, then the temperature of the air inlet needs to be lowered.

If the dry bearing leads to high temperature, add bearing grease. If the efficiency of the blower is low, the dust may accumulate for a long time between the blade channels, we can replace the pump head when necessary.

Of course, the high ambient temperature itself also affects the temperature of the blower, so when the blower temperature gradually increases, it is necessary to find the right factors.  In daily life, the high-pressure blower application scenarios are very wide. It can be used for drying the clothes or used for sewage aeration, or other purposes.

In the process of using blower, especially  high-pressure blower, when we find that the pressure is gradually getting smaller, we must be very anxious at that time.

So what are the factors that can reduce the blower pressure?

The first is the pump head. If the pump head speed decreased, the possible factor is that the voltage is low or the motor itself is malfunctioning.

If there is no problem with the pump head, then check the rotation of the motor. If the rotation of the motor is reversed, it may also cause the pressure to decrease. At this time, we need to re-wire.

If it is not caused by this factor, then we should check whether the working status has changed. If the working status has changed, then we need to adjust the working status.

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