Power Tools Classification

Power Tools Classification According To Basic Application

  • Metal cutting power tools

  • Mining and grinding power tools

  • Assembly power tools

  • Construction and road power tools

  • Mining power tools

  • Railway power tools

  • Agriculture, animal husbandry and gardening electric tools

  • Forest processing power tools

  • Other purpose electric tools

Power Tools Classification According To Power Supply Type

  • Single-phase series excitation power tools

  • AC and DC power tools

  • Three-phase power frequency power tools.

  • Three-phase medium frequency power tools

  • Permanent magnet DC power tools

Power Tools Classification According To Protection Degree: IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7

"IP" is the characteristic letter for outer casing protection. The first digit represents the degree of protection against solid foreign objects entering the interior of the outer casing, the second digit represents the degree to which water enters the interior of the outer casing to the extent that it is harmful. For the safety of electric tools, China adopts mandatory product safety certification, implements "electric tool certification rules and procedures", and issues certificates and conformity marks by China Electrical Product Certification Committee.

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