Vacuum Pump Anti Oil Backflow Device Principle

In order to prevent the vacuum pump oil from returning to the pumped container when the pump is stopped, a built-in anti-oil return device is very important.

The principle of the anti-return oil valve: reliable air inlet anti-return device, double protection, no oil return, to ensure the safety of the vacuum system.

Protection 1: The isolation valve closes the vacuum system when the pump is stopped

Protection 2: When the pump is stopped, close the oil circuit and inflate the pump cavity.

During the operation of the vacuum pump, the control piston maintains the seal against the spring under the action of oil pressure. The valve disc of the anti-suck back valve is kept in a low position due to its own weight (valve opens). After the pump stops, the oil pressure drops, and the spring will control the piston upward. In this way, a passage is formed between the oil tank and the piston of the anti-suck back valve.


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