Motor Bearing Temperature Regulations, Abnormal Causes and Solution

Motor Bearing Temperature

The maximum temperature of rolling bearing shall not exceed 95℃, and the maximum temperature of sliding bearing shall not exceed 80℃. And the temperature rise does not exceed 55 ℃ (the temperature rise is the bearing temperature minus the ambient temperature during the test)


Motor Bearing Abnormal Causes and Solution

Reason: the shaft is bent and the center line is not allowed. Solution:re-find the center. 

Reason: The foundation screw is loose.

Solution: Tighten the foundation screws.

Reason: The lubricating oil is not clean.

Solution: Replace the lubricating oil.

Reason: The lubricating oil has been used for too longtime and has not been replaced.

Solution: Clean the bearing and replace the lubricating oil.  

Reason: The balls or rollers in the bearing are damaged. Solution: Replace the bearing with a new one.


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