Pump Knowledge: Pump Operation and Maintenance

When the vacuum pump is running, user is better to check the following information every three days:

    1. Whether the pump oil is within the vernier range.

    2. Whether the pump oil turns yellow, black and turbid.

    3. Whether there is abnormal sound.

    4. Whether there is oil leakage when the vacuum pump is running.

    If the vacuum pump filters the metal mesh, user should clean and filter the debris. When it cannot filter the debris, user should replace the filter and the sealing gasket.

    Pump maintenance instructions

    The pump oil is running badly with the pump, so it is necessary to check the contamination degree and viscosity through the oil window, and replace the pump oil in time.

    Oil replacement cycle: oil replacement and cleaning every six months.

    The pump oil replacement steps are as follows:

    1. Open the suction pipe of the pump and start running after 5 seconds, the remaining oil is easily drained.

    2. Remove the exhaust pipe first, then open the oil drain valve, and then pour out the pump oil.

    3. Close the oil drain valve and inject new vacuum pump oil from the oil filler port.

    4. If the oil pollution is very serious, some new oil must be added and cleaned after a few minutes of operation. If the cleaning is not thorough, it must be cleaned several times.

    5. After replacing the new oil, let the pump run, and after the temperature rises, confirm the vacuum limit pressure.

    6. The filter needs to be cleaned during the maintenance process.


    • Operation instructions

    1. The vacuum pump temperature becomes higher and higher (40 degrees-80 degrees) during long-term operation. Therefore, after operation or just after stopping, the surface cannot be touched until the motor and pump body temperature cooled to normal temperature.

    2. If any emergency occurs during pump running, please turn off power immediately.

    3. Non-maintenance personnel are strictly forbidden to disassemble the vacuum pump parts.

    4. The cloth strips and rags used to maintain the vacuum pump should be placed in the specified stacking place to prevent debris from entering the pump.

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