Sealing New materials and Technologies


  • Liquid Sealing

With the rapid development of the polymer organic synthesis industry, liquid sealants have appeared, which are suitable for static sealing. This new technology is usually called liquid sealing.

The principle of liquid sealing is to use the adhesiveness, fluidity and mono molecular film effect of liquid sealant (the thinner the film, the greater the natural recovery tendency), under appropriate pressure, it acts like a gasket. Therefore, the sealant used is also called a liquid gasket.


  • PTFE Raw Material Seal

Polytetrafluoroethylene is also a high molecular organic compound. Before it is sintered into a product, it is called a raw material, with a soft texture and a mono molecular film effect. The belt made of raw material is called raw material belt, which can be rolled into a coil and stored for a long time.

When used, it can be freely formed, and any joint, as long as there is pressure, will form an annular membrane that evenly plays a sealing role. As a gasket between the valve body and the bonnet in the valve, it can be used to pry open a gap without taking out the valve disc or gate, and stuff it into the raw material and take it away.

The pressing force is small, it does not stick to the hand or the flange surface, and the replacement is very convenient. PTFE raw material can also be made into tube and rod shape for sealing.


  • Metal Hollow O-Ring

It has good elasticity, small pressing force and self-tightening effect. Various metal materials can be selected so that it can adapt to low temperature, high temperature and strong corrosive medium.


  • Graphite Plate Sealing Ring

We would think that graphite is a brittle substance, lacking elasticity and toughness, but the specially treated graphite is soft in texture and good in elasticity. In this way, the heat resistance and chemical stability of graphite can be displayed in the gasket material. And the gasket has a small pressing force and excellent sealing effect.

This graphite can also be made into belts, which can be combined with metal belts to form wound washers with excellent performance. The appearance of graphite plate sealing ring and graphite metal wound gasket is a major breakthrough in high temperature corrosion resistance sealing.

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