Vacuum System Application Industry

Application Industry:



CNC Engraving Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine

Folding Machine

Blasting Machine


Semiconductor Application

Circuit Board



Binding Machine

Photo Plate Making Machine

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Process

Vacuum Packaging Machine


Optical Lens

Automatic Injection Molding

Polyurethane Process

Label Sticking Machine

Printing Machine

Circuit Board Machine

Vacuum Lift

Vacuum Suction Cup

VCD & DVD Disc Surface Vacuum Sputtering

Industrial Furnace

Smelting and Heat Treatment

Metal Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Welding

Electron Beam Welding

Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Dry Welding

Space Simulation

Scientific Research

Hospital Negative Pressure System

Environmental Protection Industry

Electronics Industry


Plastic Industry

General Machinery



Metal, Large Heavy Objects Vacuum Handling

Other Industries.


Vacuum System Application

Vacuum Systems for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications Vacuum Drying System

Distillation Purification Process Vacuum System

Cockpit, Multi-purpose Workshop and Laboratory Anti-corrosion Vacuum System

Vacuum System for Degassing of Steel and Aluminum

Vacuum Systems for Paint Coating Processes

Vacuum System for Chemical Process

Vacuum Systems for Environmental Engineering Purposes

Vacuum System for Sludge Regeneration Process

Vacuum System for Waste Oil Purification and Concentration Process

Emulsion, Oil Vacuum Fractionation Vacuum System

Solvent Recovery Vacuum System

Gasoline Vapor Recovery Vacuum System

Vacuum Systems for Plastics Industrial Use

Special Vacuum Systems for Synthetic Processes in the Manufacture of Plastics

Vacuum Systems for PVC Degassing and Mass Production

Vacuum System for Extruder Degassing

Special Inlet and Outlet Separators for Different Purposes Vacuum System for Central Vacuum Supply

Central Vacuum System and Exhaust Unit

Electronic Industry Vacuum System

Hospital and Laboratory Central Vacuum System

Printing Industry Vacuum System

Food Packaging Central Vacuum System

Special Vacuum System

Vacuum Systems for Beverage Infusion Processes

Vacuum Systems for Pneumatic and Glass Transport



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