Vacuum Technology Helps the Research and Development of Automatic Mask Machine

As we all know, with the increasing progress and diversification of social production, the application fields of vacuum technology are becoming wider and wider. As far as the medical field is concerned, vacuum technology has been maturely applied in many aspects such as pharmaceuticals, drug storage and transportation, protective equipment, negative pressure ambulances, negative pressure wards, virus detection, surgery, treatment, cupping and so on.

Compared with the traditional mask machine, the automatic mask machine has the advantages of less labor, high efficiency and strong stability. After the equipment is turned on, it can automatically complete the production tasks without unmanned operation. The successful launch of the fully automatic mask machine has alleviated the urgent need for manpower shortage in traditional mask factories.

It is worth mentioning that vacuum technology is applied to the automatic mask machine, the most obvious being the use of vacuum suction cups on the production line. We know that vacuum suction cups are a convenient vacuum blessing method and are widely used in automated production lines.

During the epidemic, many vacuum companies at home and abroad either donated their money generously, donated equipment, or resumed work as soon as possible to stabilize production and services, and also contributed indelible strength to the fight against the epidemic!

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