How to Operate Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


Liquid ring vacuum pumps utilize water or other compatible liquids as the sealant. With no contacting parts and simple operation, the liquid ring vacuum pump is a safe and reliable option for handling dirty and critical gas/vapor services.

Liquid ring vacuum pump repair work can be costly. Therefore, it is important to inspect your vacuum pump on a regular basis to ensure that it remains in optimal condition. If and when problems arise, it is crucial to stop running the vacuum pump and inspect the matter the moment you notice something out of the ordinary, then rectify the problem.

Take our SK series liquid ring vacuum pump as an example, here are operating instructions

1. The pump should be installed in a level and solid place

2. Install air inlet and outlet pipeline, try to reduce pipeline length and bending, make sure there is no air leakage in air inlet, otherwise it will affect suction capacity

3. Install valve and filter in air inlet

4. Water supplying amount will affect pump performance, so please make sure to install flow meter and valve in the system so as to adjust water supplying when necessary. Supplying water pressure should be around 0.1 Mpa so the pump can work efficiently and stably.


A liquid ring vacuum pump is a powerful and steadfast piece of equipment that, if well maintained, can provide years of running. Whether you purchase a large or small pump, you can rely on our vacuum pump for smooth, consistent and relatively quiet operation for many months.

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