Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Piping Layout

In the process of using the water ring vacuum pump, the pumped material is connected through pipelines. In this way, what kind of pipeline the vacuum pump needs to be equipped with and whether there is a best choice has become a very important question.

In order to improve the suction performance of the water ring vacuum pump, the suction pipeline should be as short as possible, and bend as little as possible (the elbow should use a large radius of curvature) to reduce the resistance loss of the pipeline.

In order to prevent the water ring vacuum pump from cavitation, the suction pipeline should avoid the bladder part where gas accumulates as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, a DN15 or DN20 exhaust valve should be installed at the bladder part. When the suction pipe is in the vertical direction, if a reducer is equipped, an eccentric reducer should be equipped to avoid the formation of an air bag.

In order to prevent the force and torque that generated between the weight of the water ring vacuum pump pipes and valves and the thermal stress of the pipes from exceeding the maximum allowable external load of the pump inlet and outlet, pipe racks should be installed on the suction and discharge pipes of the vacuum pump. The allowable max load of the pump nozzle should be provided by the pump manufacturer. For pumps with vertical inlets or vertical outlets, in order to reduce the force on the pump nozzles, pipe racks must be set up above the nozzles. Its position should be as close as possible to the pipes, and the pipe gallery longitudinal beam can be used to support the pipeline, so the pump is often arranged under the pipe gallery.  

To transport liquids with a density less than 650Kg, such as liquefied petroleum gas, liquid ammonia, etc., the suction pipe of the pump should have a slope of 1/10 to 1/100 to the pump, so that the gas produced can return to the suction tank to prevent the pump from cavitation.

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