2BV5 161 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Degassing

Pump Details

Model 2BV5 161 power is 15kw, max capacity is 8.33m³/min, max vacuum degree is 33hpa, voltage is 380V, 50HZ, 3phase. It’s pump casing material is cast iron, impeller material is stainless steel 304, seal is Viton mechanical seal, pump cover, pump housing and round disc has Teflon coating disposal.


Voltage, color and material can be made according to clients’ requirements. 


This pump is used in vacuum degassing for food related industry. It can also be used in plastic & rubber industry, medical & pharmaceutical industry, chemical & petrochemical industry etc.

Other Models

2BV2 060 (0.81KW), 2BV2 061 (1.45KW), 2BV2 070 (2.35KW), 2BV2 071 (3.85KW), 2BV5 110 (4KW), 2BV5 111 (5.5KW), 2BV5 121 (7.5KW), 2BV5 131 (11KW), 2BV5 161 (15KW)

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