XD-020 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for Packaging Machine

These pumps are single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Model: XD-020

Power: 0.75 kw

Capacity: 20 m³/h

Vacuum: 100 Pa

Application: vacuum packaging machine

We can make voltage 110V, 60HZ or 220V, 60HZ or 380V, 50HZ etc.

XD-020 rotary vane vacuum pump pictureXD-020 rotary vane vacuum pump picture

Other models: XD-025 (0.9kw), XD-040 (1.5kw), XD-063 (2.2kw), XD-100 (3kw), XD-160 (4.5kw), XD-202 (4.5kw), XD-250 (5.5kw), XD-302 (7.5kw)

We also manufacture and supply liquid ring vacuum pumps, centrifugal water pumps, roots vacuum pumps, if you have any demand, welcome to contact with our sales department.


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