Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Water Pumps for Plastic and Rubber Industry

These pumps are for our client in Germany, our client manufacture plastic extruder machines, they also use centrifugal water pumps.

liquid ring vacuum pumpsliquid ring vacuum pumps

centrifugal water pumpscentrifugal water pumps

All pumps have CE certificate and are under strict quality testing before shipping. For each pump, we test for at least one hour, to test its power, motor speed, current, capacity, vacuum degree etc. Here are some advantages about our liquid ring vacuum pumps:

1. More than 30 years' experience in quality control and lead time.

2. Impeller is produced by our company, it's material is alloy copper to ensure firmness and reliability.

3. Inside pump cover, pump body and disc, we have anti-fouling Teflon coating disposal.

4. Use Viton mechanical seal to prevent corrosion so it can run smoothly under strict weather.

5. All motors have CE certificate and is made by our company to ensure power and quality.

6. Whole testing system controlled by micro-machine, all pumps pass testing before shipping. For each pump, we test for at least one hour, to test its power, capacity, vacuum degree, motor speed, current etc.

We are in customized business, we can produce pumps in color black, gray, blue, red etc, material can be made of cast iron or stainless steel.

If you need any kind of pumps, welcome to check our products or contact with our sales department and technical department. 


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