XD-160 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Plastic and Rubber Industry

Pump Details

Model: XD-160

Power: 4.5kw

Capacity: 160 m³/h

Motor voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3phase

Application: plastic vacuum forming, molds degassing

XD-160 rotary vane vacuum pump XD-140 rotary vane vacuum pump

XD-100 rotary vane vacuum pump XD-063 rotary vane vacuum pump

XD-025 rotary vane vacuum pump XD-040 rotary vane vacuum pump without motor

Other Applications

Medical devices

Laboratory devices

Freon recycling

Vacuum suction for hospital

Packaging for food, electronic elements or metal items

Loading, unloading, transportation of paper sheets or paper boards in paper making and printing industry

Vacuum heat treatment

Sticking for photographs and advertisement sheets

Vacuum drying and dipping of electronic elements

Vacuum degassing of dope and vacuum furnace

Woodworking machinery

Vacuum filtration

CNC vacuum fixture

Vacuum power testing


XD-010 (0.55kw), XD-020 (0.75kw/0.9kw), XD-025 (0.75kw/0.9kw), XD-040 (1.5kw), XD-063 (2.2kw), XD-100 (3kw), XD-160 (4.5kw), XD-202 (4.5kw), XD-250 (5.5kw), XD-302 (7.5kw)

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