Roots Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Forming of Thin Sheet and Plate

The biggest problem in cold working of aluminum alloy sheet is the deformation of the workpiece. Compared with the existing non-vacuum-assisted forming molds, the application of roots vacuum pump in the vacuum molding of thin plate parts is simplified, and the possible deformation in the actual thin plate cutting process is reduced as much as possible, and the deformation of the parts is reduced.

Good control can improve the surface defect problem of existing products, and reduce the product defect rate from the existing 40% to 10%, thereby ensuring the parallelism of the entire component and the surface accuracy of the molded product.


Roots vacuum pump is a mature vacuum obtaining equipment. After cooperating with the backing vacuum pump (commonly include rotary vane vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, rotary piston vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, etc.), the working range under low inlet pressure can be widely used in industrial applications.


Roots Vacuum Pump Structure

In the pump chamber, there are two "8"-shaped rotors installed on a pair of parallel shafts perpendicular to each other, and a pair of gear belts with a transmission ratio of 1 acting in reverse synchronous rotation. Between the rotors, between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump casing, there is a certain gap, which can realize high-speed operation.

Since the roots vacuum pump is a vacuum pump without internal compression, the compression ratio is usually very low, so the high and medium vacuum pumps need a backing pump. The ultimate vacuum of the roots vacuum pump depends not only on the structure and manufacturing accuracy of the pump itself, but also on the ultimate vacuum of the backing pump. In order to improve the ultimate vacuum degree of the pump, the roots pump can be used in series.  


Roots Vacuum Pump Advantages


  1. Improve vacuum degree

According to general experience, after the roots vacuum pump is configured, the vacuum degree of the system can be improved.  


  1. Increase the pumping speed

Roots vacuum pump rotors are not in contact with each other and can run at high speed, so even the smaller roots pump can also achieve higher pumping speed. After selecting the appropriate backing pump combination, the backing pump with a small pumping speed can pump a large amount of gas, which can significantly reduce the energy consumption compared with a single backing pump with the same pumping speed.  


Vacuum molding is a process in which the thermo-setting resin is sucked into the pre-evacuated mold by vacuum pressure, and the resin is infiltrated and flowed in the fiber reinforcement, and finally cured into a composite material. This process is used in the aviation industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding. It has broad application value in other aspects.

China is rich in flax fiber resources, and flax fiber can be fully utilized as a reinforcing material in the process of vacuum molding to promote the utilization of renewable resources and reduce product costs. In the vacuum molding process, the permeability is an important parameter for computer simulation of the vacuum molding process. The permeability value is measured by the test method, and then the liquid molding simulation software PAM-RTM is used to simulate the resin filling process to explore the influence of vacuum pressure and temperature on the filling time, avoiding a large number of process tests, and saving raw materials costs, shortened test cycles etc.



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