Why Should The Air Conditioner Be Vacuumed?

When the air conditioner is installed, because the inner unit and the connected pipeline are in contact with the air after the cap is opened, the air in the pipeline is prevented from mixing with the refrigerant of the outdoor system after the connection with the outdoor unit, causing the air conditioner to run hazards (the operating pressure is unstable, the system is blocked by ice, etc.), so the air must be exhausted and pumped away after connecting the internal and external machines.

After the air conditioner system is repaired, such as replacing the compressor and pipe fittings, the air must be evacuated after the internal and external machines are connected after cleaning, and then fluorine is added according to the quantitative amount.

In addition, because the refrigerant scalar of the system is required to be accurate, a vacuum operation must be performed during installation.

We summarize the above statement into two points:

  • Vacuuming is a necessary means to eliminate potential failures of the air-conditioning system.

  • The quality of the vacuum operation directly affects the cooling and heating effect of the air conditioner (especially the inverter air conditioner with refrigerant).

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