What is Air Conditioning Vacuum?

Speaking of vacuum, what is vacuum? In fact, vacuum is a state of space in which no matter exists, and it is a physical phenomenon. For air conditioners, vacuuming is an indispensable and important process before refrigerant charging during the production, installation and maintenance of air conditioners. The specific method is to connect the vacuum pump to the air conditioning system pipeline to remove the non-condensable gas and moisture in the air conditioning system pipeline.

We all know that the air contains a lot of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, which we usually collectively call non-condensable gases. In addition, the moisture in the air and the refrigerant are not mutually soluble. The presence of moisture and non-condensable gas affects the operation effect of the air conditioner, so the purpose of vacuuming is to remove the non-condensable gas and moisture in the air conditioner system.

Of course, vacuuming does not refer to 100% vacuuming of all substances in the pipeline. Industrial vacuum refers to a gas space with a pressure lower than a standard atmospheric pressure. It refers to a rare gas state, which can be divided into high vacuum, medium vacuum and low vacuum.

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