Under What Circumstances Does The Air Conditioner Need To Be Vacuumed?

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner needs to be charged with a sufficient amount of refrigerant before leaving the factory, so the outdoor unit needs to be vacuumed before charging. In addition, the refrigeration pipes need to be filled with nitrogen for anti-oxidation protection before leaving the factory, and also need to be vacuumed and then filled with nitrogen.

In the air-conditioning production process, air-conditioning manufacturers should have strict requirements on the standard of vacuuming to ensure the quality of the products. The indoor unit, in-line tube, and outdoor unit are all individually packaged, so when installing, all the nitrogen in the indoor unit and in-line tube needs to be exhausted. It should be noted that during the vacuuming process, under normal operating conditions, the temperature in the system is consistent with the temperature of the outside environment. This is also the reason why the lower the ambient temperature, the more difficult it is to vacuum, and the slower the speed.

In addition, during installation and maintenance, the refrigeration system must also be vacuumed. Nowadays, some installers use the emptying method when installing air conditioners to remove non-condensable gas and moisture in the pipeline. There are two disadvantages. First, it is difficult to determine whether the gas in the pipeline is cleaned. Secondly, if this method is adopted, it is inevitable that there will be more or less moisture and non-condensable gas in the system. Then the operation of the air conditioner will bring many hazards.

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