XD Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Features and Application


A coarse filter of metal wire mesh is installed at the suction port of the vacuum pump. It can prevent solid foreign dust particles from being sucked into the pump cavity.

An air exhaust filter with high-efficiency oil and gas separation effect is installed in the oil separator.

When the pump is stopped, the suction valve built into the suction port isolates the pump from the pumped system and prevents oil from returning to the pumped system. The pump is cooled by air.

All XD series rotary vane vacuum pumps are driven by direct-coupled electric motors through elastic couplings.


  1. The vacuum pump is suitable for vacuuming in a closed system. Such as vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, vacuum suction.

  2. Inlet pressure range: 100Pa-100000 Pa, oil mist will be generated at the exhaust port of the vacuum pump working beyond this range. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump working environment temperature and suction gas temperature should be between 5℃~40℃.

  3. The vacuum pump cannot pump water or other liquids. It can not pump explosive, flammable, high oxygen content, corrosive gas.

  4. Generally supplied motors are not explosion-proof, if explosion-proof or other special requirements are required, the motors must meet relevant standards.

Application Industry

It is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical and petrochemical industry, petroleum and medical industry. It has been widely used in food packaging, vacuum forming in the plastic industry, paper transportation, vacuum fixtures, and vacuum suction in the printing industry.


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