Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Food Packaging

In fresh food storage and fresh-keeping packaging, there are three methods of pre-cooling

  1. Water pre-cooling

It is suitable for fruits and vegetables with small surface body ratio, low cost, products that are cooled when wet, and easy to rot after soaking in water

  1. Air cooling

Suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables, the cooling speed is slightly slower

  1. Vacuum cooling

The cooling rate is fast, the temperature is uniform, and it is not affected by the packaging method.

The so-called fresh-keeping packaging is a new type of packaging technology, which can maintain a certain degree of freshness of various foods, so that products are protected from various biological, microbial and environmental factors during storage, transportation and sales.

In terms of color, smell, taste, etc., the original taste of the food is maintained, and the shelf life of the food is increased. However, the concept of freshness of various foods is different, and the fresh-keeping packaging technologies used are different. 

rotary vane vacuum pump      rotary vane vacuum pump

The process of vacuum packaging and preservation is to put food in a special plastic bag, use a rotary vane vacuum pump to remove the gas in the bag, and then heat and seal the air outlet of the bag.  

After the gas in the bag is evacuated, a vacuum environment is created in the bag, which is characterized by low oxygen partial pressure. Rotary vane vacuum pump uses these three characteristics to preserve food. 

In order to ensure the good quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables, it is required to make full use of the characteristics of various packaging materials such as gas resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, cold preservation, shock resistance, buffering, antibacterial, antibacterial, and ethylene absorption.

Design appropriate container structure, use corresponding packaging methods to package fruits and vegetables inside and outside, create a good environmental condition in the package, reduce the respiration of fruits and vegetables to the minimum required to maintain their life activities, and minimize evaporation and prevent microorganisms infection and harm, at the same time, fruits and vegetables should also be protected from mechanical damage.


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