Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Mixing Box

The rotary vane vacuum pump/compressor is used in the "air-filled" mixing box to generate a pressure/vacuum above the raw material level (or "raw material pool") of the mixing box to maximize the control of the material discharge rate (" jet" speed).


The pump is usually used as a vacuum pump and compressor through a series of valves, creating a vacuum or pressure in the void volume above the "feed pool", which is used to control the pitch box static head.  


What is the definition and function of the mixing box?

Definition: The pulp mixing box is an open square box installed between the pulp storage tank and the desander equipment to adjust the amount of pulp sent to the paper machine.     


What problems should be paid attention to when using the dilution method combining under-line white water and pulping pump? 

  • The pipeline from the mixing box to the pulping pump should not be installed horizontally, and should have a certain inclination to prevent fiber precipitation.

  • The installation position of the pulp valve of the pulp mixing box is preferably more than 1.5m lower than the liquid level of the white water pool under the net.

  • There is air in the lower part of the outlet, which creates voids and causes fluctuations in the amount of pulp.

  • The slurry supply pipe of the mixing box should directly lead to the suction port of the slurry pump, and its direction should be in the axial direction of the slurry pump, or enter at an angle of 45 to the axial direction above the transition pipe of the suction end of the pump. Less disturbed by other pipelines, the white water pool under the net is usually the source of constant pressure before the flushing pump.

rotary vane vacuum pump XD series     rotary vane vacuum pump XD series


The Role of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump: 

  1. Adjust the amount of pulp sent to the paper machine to make the quantitative stability.

  2. Adjust the pulp concentration, according to the paper material to be diluted with white water, which is conducive to sand removal and screening, and mixes the paper material evenly, so as to make uniform paper.   


What problems should be paid attention to when using rotary vane vacuum pump in the pulp mixing box? 

  1. All parts of the pulp mixing box should be smooth, and the gate in the box should be adjusted with the screw handwheel. 

  2. There should be an overflow grid in the mixing box to ensure the stability of the feeding amount and the white water.

  3. The pulp level of the pulp outlet should have sufficient height.

  4. The opening size of the pulp door depends on the production capacity of the paper machine.

  5. The pipeline of slurry or white water entering the pulp mixing box or mixing box should enter from the bottom of the box or under the slurry position on the side, and bring in as little air as possible.


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