Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Pressure Swing Adsorption Device

Among the pressure swing adsorption gas separation devices, some need to be desorbed by vacuum, such as the refinery gas pressure swing adsorption hydrogen purification device, the shift gas pressure swing adsorption decarbonization device of the synthetic ammonia plant, the pressure swing adsorption purification carbon monoxide device, etc.

In other chemical plants, the container is often evacuated to reach a certain degree of vacuum to meet the production requirements. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements, the application of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the pressure swing adsorption device can play a very important position in this place.  

The pressure swing adsorption process has been developed in China for many years. From the initial low technical level and low yield, which led to unfavorable promotion, to gradually updating the technology and improving the yield.  

rotary vane vacuum pump     rotary vane vacuum pump

At present, the pressure swing adsorption process is mainly used for the following two purposes in fertilizer plants.  

  1. Removal of carbon dioxide in shift gas

One is to remove carbon dioxide from the shift gas to produce liquid ammonia and bi-alcohols. This method does not recover carbon dioxide and is widely used.  

  1. Used in urea production

Another process is used in urea production. In addition to removing the carbon dioxide in the shift gas to less than 0.2%, the carbon dioxide must be purified to more than 98.5% and sent to urea production. This process requires higher than the first one. Because it is relatively difficult to purify carbon dioxide while ensuring the effective gas yield.

However, no matter what kind of decarburization, in order to improve the effective gas yield, it is necessary to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the desorbed air and reduce the content of effective gas. Therefore, the design ideas of the above two processes are exactly the same.  

In the pressure swing adsorption device, when the vacuum pumping requirements and the pumping volume of the vacuum pump are determined, the longer the pipeline, the longer the pumping time, the smaller the pipeline diameter, the longer the pumping time, the larger the molecular weight of the gas, the longer the pumping time required.

When the vacuum pumping time is determined, when the characteristics of the pipeline system directly affect the pumping volume of the vacuum pump, that is, the pipeline is long and the diameter is small, the greater the pumping volume and the higher the energy consumption of the rotary vane vacuum pump.  

In the pressure swing adsorption device, because the gas adsorbed in the adsorbent in the adsorption tower is continuously desorbed and desorbed during the vacuuming process, it can be seen from practice that the smaller the pipe diameter, the longer the evacuation time. That is to say, the diameter of the evacuation pipeline should not be too small, otherwise the required vacuum pump evacuation rate will be too large, and the energy consumption will increase accordingly, but the large diameter of the evacuation pipeline will also increase the investment.

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