Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Scientific Research

The scientific research department gives the impression that it is a very profound and mysterious department. In fact, it is a department that conducts scientific research. It generally refers to a series of activities such as investigation, research, experiment, trial production, etc., which are carried out in order to understand the intrinsic nature and movement laws of objective things by using scientific research methods and equipment. The basic task of scientific research is to explore and understand the unknown.


According to the purpose of research, scientific research can be divided into the following types:

  1. Exploratory research.

Make a preliminary understanding of the research object or problem to obtain a preliminary impression and perceptual understanding, and provide a basis and direction for careful and in-depth research in the future.

  1. Descriptive research. The research that correctly describes the characteristics or overall picture of some general or a phenomenon, the task is to collect data, discover the situation, provide information, and describe the main laws and characteristics.

  2. Explanatory research. Explore the causal relationship between certain assumptions and conditional factors, explore the reasons behind the phenomenon, and reveal the internal laws of the occurrence or change of the phenomenon.  


Why does our company make a special article on the topic of vacuum technology boosting scientific research progress?


That's because some time ago, a vacuum technology company developed and produced a special vacuum system required for the Large Hadron Collision Accelerator and some other experiments, and specially developed, produced and installed two special vacuum pumps for the detector system.

With the help of these devices, the science and technology center has found traces of particles it has been searching for for a long time, and that discovery will go a long way in answering many unanswered questions in particle physics.  


It is because of this news that we also want to contribute to the scientific research department by analyzing the application of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the scientific research department.  

rotary vane vacuum pump 2XZ series rotary vane vacuum pump XD series

Vacuum technology has increasingly penetrated into various fields in the development of industrial production and modern science, and has become an indispensable part of national defense, national economy, and scientific research departments such as electronics, metallurgy, machinery, food, chemicals, semiconductors, cryogenic technology, atomic energy, and aerospace.


Its application specifically includes the following aspects. 

  1. Improve thermal and electrical insulation properties. 

  2. Use vacuum to remove the atmosphere gas barrier.

  3. Extend the particle flight path. 

  4. Reduce the role of harmful gases. 

  5. Promote material outgassing effect. 

  6. Simulate the cosmic environment.


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