Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Steam Turbine Engine

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in steam turbine engines to remove excess steam and condensate. The steam turbine uses a sealing tube to seal the shaft to avoid air leakage. These sealing tubes are sealed with steam. To achieve its designed performance, the rotary vane vacuum pump must be continuously used to remove excess steam and condensate.

The rotary vane vacuum pump has a bipolar structure. Its working function consists of a high-pressure stage and a low-pressure stage. Its suction port is connected to a vacuum container or vacuum equipment. During operation, a lot of gas in the container is sucked and discharged.

When the equipment obtains vacuum, the high-pressure stage exhaust valve will be closed, and the gas sucked by the high-pressure stage will be transferred to the second stage, and sucked and discharged through the second stage, so that the vacuum equipment can obtain a certain vacuum.

According to the user's application, it can be equipped with a vacuum booster pump, and the pump can be used as the backing pump. Because the pumping capacity of the booster pump is strengthened, the backing pump is continuously pumped out, and a higher vacuum can be obtained.

rotary vane vacuum pump VRD series     rotary vane vacuum pump VRD series

The rotary vane vacuum pump for steam turbine engine is a water treatment equipment designed based on the principle that the amount of dissolved gas in water is proportional to the ambient pressure. In the negative pressure state, the carbon dioxide and oxygen dissolved in the water escape and are carried away by the jet water, thereby achieving the purpose of removing excess steam by vacuum.

There are many gas components removed by the vacuum pump device, there is no steam energy consumption, the equipment temperature is basically at normal temperature, the energy consumption is low, and it is more conducive to environmental protection.

The beneficial effects of the application of rotary vane vacuum pumps in steam turbine engines are:

Simple structure, convenient installation and use, safe operation.

Improve work efficiency and protect the environment.

Save energy, reduce production costs and maintenance costs.

Low investment and easy promotion.  


Rotary vane vacuum pump is a very popular one among vacuum pump products. This pump can pump out dry gas in sealed container. If equipped with gas ballast valve, it can also pump out a certain amount of condensable gas. What makes it unique has a lot to do with its structure.  

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medicine and scientific research departments.


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