Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Textile Industry

Vacuum pumps for the textile industry must meet high standards. Because they operate oil-free and require little maintenance, our high-performance vacuum pumps are the first choice for improved working conditions.

Rotary vane vacuum pump can easily vacuum lint, fibers and fine threads, and can maintain a stable high suction power for a long time. 

The textile industry is an industrial sector that processes natural and chemical fibers into various yarns, silks, threads, belts, fabrics, and dyeing and finishing products.

According to the textile objects, it can be divided into cotton textile industry, hemp textile industry, wool textile industry, silk textile industry, chemical fiber textile industry, etc.

According to the production process, it can be divided into spinning industry, weaving industry, printing and dyeing industry, knitting industry, textile reproduction industry, etc.

The textile industry is one of the important industrial sectors of the light industry. Compared with the heavy industry, it has the characteristics of less investment, faster capital turnover, shorter construction period and more employment. 

rotary vane vacuum pump          rotary vane vacuum pump

The basic requirements of a rotary vane vacuum pump are:

  1. Obtain the required ultimate vacuum and working vacuum in the pumped device or working chamber. The ultimate vacuum degree refers to the vacuum degree achieved by the device when there is no leakage, and the working vacuum degree refers to the vacuum degree that can be maintained during the vacuum treatment of the device.

A large amount of gas is often released during vacuum processing, and the working vacuum at this time will be significantly lower than the ultimate vacuum. The ultimate vacuum degree and the working vacuum degree have their own importance, and they affect the quality of the device from different aspects.

For example, in an exhaust vacuum system using oxide cathode devices, a large amount of gas will be out of the electrode outgassing and cathode decomposition. If the working vacuum degree is poor, the result of the electrode oxidation and the cathode activation may be poor. However, when the device is finally sealed away, there is basically no leakage and outgassing, and the vacuum degree in the device depends on the ultimate vacuum degree of the exhaust vacuum system.

  1. The time required to obtain a certain working vacuum. This time depends on the pumping speed of the vacuum system. This time can be shortened by increasing the pumping speed. Big chamberobviously need big pumping speeds. Sometimes the chamber is not big, but due to serious leakage and deflation, the vacuum system also needs a large pumping speed, otherwise a large amount of leakage and deflation will greatly reduce the vacuum degree and make the system unable to work. 

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in machining centers, lathes, sawing machines, drilling machines, grinders and other mechanical processing equipment, as well as in the food, chemical industry, and the cleaning and transfer of debris, liquids, and environmental cleaning. 

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Textile Industry  

  1. Draining of dyed carpets  

Carpets must be washed with clean water after staining. During this process, the carpet is soaked in water and an economical method must be used to gently remove the carpet from the water. For this purpose, the carpet is fed into the leather suction roller using the adjustable suction trough. A rotary vane vacuum pump connected to the skin suction roller draws out the air in the groove, thereby removing about 80% of the water remaining in the carpet. Continuous airflow ensures careful handling of materials. Effortlessly drains a constant stream of water, then drains with the working fluid. 

  1. Vacuum slot extraction  

Vacuum slot extraction is an effective method for removing excess moisture and chemicals during the processing of open-width textile materials. The textile material is passed through a slotted tube, and the slotted tube draws the liquid out by means of a vacuum.

Our rotary vane vacuum pumps are the ideal vacuum pump for this application due to their robustness, reliability and ability to handle residues.


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