Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Drying Oven

Electric Vacuum Drying Oven Working Principle

The electric vacuum drying oven can maintain a certain degree of vacuum in the working room and use an intelligent digital temperature controller to set, display and control the temperature. The temperature regulator adopts computer technology to collect and process the temperature signal in the work room, so that the temperature in the work room can be automatically maintained at a constant temperature. The temperature control system is intelligent temperature control, reliable performance and easy to use.  


The correct use method of the electric heating vacuum drying box: first use the rotary vane vacuum pump to vacuumize and then heat up. After reaching the rated temperature, if the vacuum degree is found to have dropped, then add it properly. This is beneficial to prolong the service life of the equipment.


Why use a rotary vane vacuum pump to evacuate and then heat up, instead of heating and then vacuuming?  

  • Putting the sample into the vacuum box and evacuating it is to remove the gas components that can be extracted from the sample raw material. If the sample is heated first, the gas expands when heated. Because the vacuum box is very well sealed, the huge pressure generated by the expanding gas may burst the tempered glass of the viewing window. This is a potential risk. This risk can be prevented by following the procedure of vacuuming first and then heating.  

  • If it is operated according to the procedure of heating first and then vacuuming, when the heated air is pumped out by the vacuum pump, the heat will inevitably be brought to the vacuum pump, which will cause the temperature rise of the vacuum pump to be too high, which may reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.  

  • The heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, and the vacuum pressure gauge will have a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the specified operating temperature range of the vacuum pressure gauge, it may cause an indication error of the vacuum pressure gauge.  

 rotary vane vacuum pump rotary vane vacuum pump

Although rotary vane vacuum pump for electric heating vacuum drying box has a certain effect, there are some things that need to be paid attention to. When the vacuum box is not required to pump continuously, vacuum valve should be closed first, then turn off pump electric, otherwise, the vacuum pump oil might be poured back into the box, the vacuum pump should be replaced frequently, and a filter should be installed between the vacuum box and the vacuum pump to prevent the wet gas from entering the vacuum pump.


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