Vacuum System Air Leakage

Analysis of the cause of air leakage:

  • There are problems in the pumping system itself, the oil is dirty, the oil is oxidized, the oil contains large quantity of water, the pump cooling problem, the internal parts of the pump are worn and scratched, etc.

  • There is gas or gas leakage inside the system or container.

Incomplete cleaning of equipment, poor cleaning and drying of equipment, improper selection of equipment materials, and cleaning dead corners of equipment.

  • The system is leaking.

Poor welding or installation, the sealing ring loses elasticity, the compression is insufficient, and it is not clean.


General leakage location and cause

  • Fixed sealing parts: the sealing ring is scratched, impurities, the sealing ring is aging or not compressed tightly.

  • Dynamic sealing parts: the sealing ring is worn, scratched, impurities, the sealing ring is aging or not compressed

  • Welding position: insufficient welding, there are leaks

  • Stress concentration position: insufficient annealing, unreasonable design or process.

  • Bending position: stress crack leakage

  • Core column: burst, desoldering, etc.

  • Repair welding position: multiple welding, honeycomb structure

  • Thin-wall welding: welding burn through or insufficient welding

  • Temperature repeated & sudden change position: stress crack

  • Defects of base material: inherent leaks in the base material of equipment

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