Screw Vacuum Pump for Flat Panel Display

The production and manufacturing process of display panels is very complicated. At least 300 processes are required from a glass substrate to a finished product. The whole process needs to be carried out in a dust-free environment and precise technical processes. Therefore, a highly reliable vacuum pump is particularly important in the panel production process. Flat panel display manufacturers use dry screw vacuum pump technology to supply vacuum for their high-load L/L, CVD, PVD, etching, solvent evaporation and other processes. 


Flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing processes require vacuum and abatement equipment that can support huge process chambers and deliver high gas flow rates with maximum reliability. Vacuum pumps are required to pump toxic, pyrophoric, and corrosive gases, and to handle the high volume of solid process by-products formed in manufacturing process chambers.  


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages

  1. High reliability

Dry screw vacuum pumps are particularly efficient and, thanks to their proven twin screw design and intelligent temperature management, are highly reliable and have a long service life even in the harshest application environments.  


  1. Equipped with energy-saving mode function, which can save a lot of energy consumption

Dry screw vacuum pump is equipped with a high-energy-efficiency motor and the world's advanced energy-saving mode function. The control system will automatically adjust to the energy-saving mode according to the demand, and return to the maximum pumping speed mode when needed, thereby saving a lot of energy consumption.  


  1. Minimize maintenance and operating costs

Screw vacuum pumps are easy to install and maintain, significantly reducing overhaul costs. Due to the space-optimized design of the vacuum pump and the potential for energy savings, operating costs are low.  


A vacuum system composed of several dry screw pumps and roots vacuum pumps is the best solution for flat panel display applications. For example: for rapid evacuation into and out of wafer chambers, evacuation of transition chambers and thin film deposition chambers. It offers the fastest pumping down time and highest pumping speed in its class. Users also benefit from standardized interfaces such as electrical connections, purge gas and cooling water, easy equipment maintenance and optimized backup pump management etc.


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