Screw Vacuum Pump for Gathering and Transportation System

Gathering and transportation system refers to a system that collects and transports crude oil or natural gas extracted from oil fields. The technology of gathering and transportation system includes crude oil processing technology, water injection technology, tertiary oil recovery technology, etc. 


Oilfield gathering and transportation process can be divided into open process and closed process according to its sealing degree. It can also be divided into normal temperature gathering and transportation process and heating or heat tracing gathering and transportation process according to whether it is heated. According to the pipeline connecting wells and stations, it is divided into single-pipe, double-pipe and three-pipe processes. The process can also be distinguished according to whether it is mixed with oil or water.


The selection of the gathering and transportation process should comprehensively consider the factors such as the exploitation method, oil and gas physical properties, single well production and natural conditions, and determine through the comparison of technical and economic indicators.  


Screw vacuum pump is a pumping device that uses a pair of screws to perform synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump casing to generate suction and exhaust. It is a replacement product of oil-sealed vacuum pumps. It can be use for gas with a small amount of dust.


Screw vacuum pump is installed between the mixed oil pipeline and the heating furnace. It is firstly transported and then heated. The original pipeline forms a bypass process to avoid accelerated aging of the bushing caused by high temperature, and to meet the needs of non-stop maintenance.


The application of screw vacuum pump in gathering and transportation system has the following advantages:  

  • The vacuum pump is a node in the oil production system, which divides the pressure system between the upstream and downstream to avoid mutual influence.  

  • The pressure of the suction port of the vacuum pump is stable, which reduces the back pressure of the oil well and avoids the interference between the oil wells.  

  • After the pressure at the wellhead of the oil well is reduced, the leakage of the valve and the leakage of the packing caused by the high back pressure are avoided.  

  • After the pressure of the wellhead and the oil pipeline is reduced, the pressure level required by the equipment and the pipeline will be reduced, and the material cost will be reduced.  

  • The pressure decreases, the precipitation of natural gas increases, the viscosity of crude oil decreases, the frictional resistance of the pipeline decreases, and power resources are saved.


Screw vacuum pump is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other industries that require high clean vacuum. Combined with the actual situation of the gathering and transportation system, the screw vacuum pump is best choice.


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