Screw Vcuum Pump for Medicine Drying


Some industries, especially the related fields of metallurgy, chemical, food and electronics, require the use of vacuum environments and vacuum containers in order to achieve completely aseptic operations, and at the same time, more abundant operations can be performed in vacuum environments. For example, high temperature heat treatment, sterilization treatment.


The drying of medicines is different from the drying of other general products, and must meet the requirements and regulations. Many medicines are heat-sensitive, and the maximum heating temperature is strictly limited. Many medicines are not allowed to be heated and dried in the air medium. Some synthetic medicines crystallized in organic solvents.

In order to reduce product cost and protect the environment, the organic solvent evaporated during drying should be recycled. The production scale of nutritional medicines such as vitamin C and amino acids is getting bigger and bigger, and the energy-saving drying of medicines cannot be ignored.  


Food and drug products require absolute vacuum processing in order to achieve aseptic sterilization and drying. In this process, it is obviously necessary to use a screw vacuum pump, which can achieve drying and aseptic processing, and can also create a better atmosphere, so that food and medicine can be stored for a relatively long time.  


The screw vacuum pump is a pumping device that uses a pair of screws to perform synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump casing to generate suction and exhaust. It is a replacement product of oil-sealed vacuum pumps. It can suction water vapor and gas with a small amount of dust. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other enterprises that require high clean vacuum.  


The reason why the screw vacuum pump is used in the drying of medicine is that it can pre-freeze the dried aqueous solution in the drying chamber to below the lowest eutectic point of the solution, so that the product can be completely frozen, and then evacuated, using the sublimation of ice. It can directly sublime ice into gas and be removed. The product obtained by drying is stable and loose in texture. After adding water, it dissolves quickly to restore the original characteristics of the liquid. At the same time, the product is light in weight, small in volume and low in water content, and will not deteriorate after long-term storage.  


Vacuum equipment products have become one of the indispensable basic components of vacuum engineering due to their advantages of large quantity and wide range. Dry screw vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum obtaining equipment. In recent years, the development of vacuum pumps has become more and more limited by applications.

Traditional vacuum systems cannot meet the requirements of clean, oil-free and corrosion-resistant, and are gradually replaced by oil-free and clean vacuum acquisition systems. Dry screw vacuum pump is oil-free, dry-running vacuum pumps, in which internal compression screw vacuum pumps can significantly reduce drive energy.



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