Screw Vacuum Pump for Oil Refining Industry

Oil is a precious energy with high utilization value, and it is the main component of the global energy supply in this century.

Refining is a process of distilling crude oil or other oils without changing the molecular structure. In the process of petroleum refining, crude oil must undergo a series of processes to obtain various useful petroleum products. It generally refers to petroleum refining, that is, the cracking of crude oil into kerosene, gasoline, diesel, heavy oil and other fuels suitable for internal combustion engines, and the production of chemical raw materials, such as ole fins and aromatics.


The advantages of dry screw vacuum pump can be described from three aspects: use process, use reliability and maintainability.  

  1. The gas channel of the screw pump is the shortest, and the transmission position of the gas between stages remains unchanged, which is conducive to the rapid discharge of the gas from the pump, reduces the change and condensation of the gas in the pump, and is conducive to the discharge of solid particulate objects.

  2. The pump body and rotor of the screw pump are a single body, which is easy to carry out anti-corrosion treatment.

  3. The shaft and rotor of the screw pump are integrally cast and then processed and formed, completely integrated, and there is no assembly problem.

  4. Only the gap between the exhaust end and the rotor of the screw pump determines the working performance, and the gap between the rotor and the rotor is related to each other, and the operation reliability is extremely high.

  5. The screw pump is easy to disassemble:  The disassembly of the screw pump only needs to remove the back cover bearing to pull out the rotor from the front end, which is extremely simple. If it is only for cleaning and disassembly, just put the rotor back into the pump body after cleaning without any adjustment.

  6. The screw pump is easy to assemble:  When the screw pump is assembled, it is only necessary to control the gap between the exhaust end face of the screw and the wall between the exhaust and the concave surface of the screw, and only need to adjust two simple gaps.  


The application of screw vacuum pump in the oil refining industry mainly includes the following aspects:  

Utilize vacuum to increase the yield of crude oil and natural gas from oil wells in oil fields, promote deoxidation of water, and protect steel equipment. And when water is injected into the rock formation to maintain the pressure, the blockage of the oil-bearing rock formation is prevented. In the lower layers of the oil field, vacuum can be used to assist in processing and separation, and through the stabilization of crude oil, light fractions can be recovered.

In addition, for example, in the propane refrigeration cycle, a vacuum is used to obtain an enthalpy balance, and it can be used as a refrigerant to cool to a low temperature. In the above example, vacuum can be used to produce liquefied petroleum gas for convenient transportation. Vacuum is also indispensable when used to extract air from large refrigeration systems that transport these gases.

Thereafter, in the processing of crude oil and the processing of petroleum products, vacuum is used to help complete physical separation, generally using the following methods:

  • Use low vacuum to remove useless components

  • When heating and distilling raw oil under high vacuum, the product will not be degraded due to thermal cracking of the oil.

In addition, rotary filters such as oil refineries operate under vacuum, using a combination of vacuum and stripper to prevent product and solvent damage, and vacuum in catalyst and hydrogen cleaning systems using process units.


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