Screw Vacuum Pump for Pharmaceutical Industry


Vacuum distillation is a vacuum process often used in production by various chemical and pharmaceutical companies and petrochemical companies. As the society's quality requirements for various industries increase, product defects will be magnified, and the tolerance will become lower and lower. And even more so for pharmaceutical products. Therefore, in vacuum distillation, in order to improve the distillation efficiency and improve the quality of distillation products, more and more pharmaceutical companies no longer focus solely on pumping speed and vacuum degree in vacuum pump selection, but also on clean vacuum.

Because of its uniqueness in the pharmaceutical industry, it must be clean and pollution-free in the production process, comply with GMP requirements, and prevent pollution, which puts forward higher requirements for its equipment.  


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages

  1. Dry compression, no pollution, no reaction between process gas and working fluid.

  2. High vacuum.

  3. High efficiency and energy saving.

  4. Can be designed for almost all process gases due to material selection and temperature regulation.


The working range of the dry screw vacuum pump is from atmospheric pressure to the ultimate vacuum of about 1Pa. It has a wide range of large pumping speed. A single screw vacuum pump can achieve high pumping speed under low vacuum. The structure is simple and reliable, and the maintenance and operation are convenient.

On the other hand, the inherent cleaning characteristics of the screw vacuum pump do not require the participation of other media in the extraction process, and there is no need to worry about the backflow of contaminated media, and can be combined with roots vacuum pump to become a vacuum system with clean, high vacuum, and high pumping speed.

In food, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical semiconductors industries, they have strong demand for clean vacuum and various recycling fields, the application of dry screw vacuum pumps can effectively improve the production efficiency, greatly simplify the vacuum system operation process and various supporting links, and improve product quality, so it has been favored by enterprises.


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