Screw Vacuum Pump for Plastic Processing

Plastic processing is the most indispensable part of injection molding. Plastic processing generally includes plastic batching, molding, machining, joining, modification, assembly etc. 


We offer you a wide range of technology options when it comes to vacuum generation in the field of plastic parts processing.


Oil Free Piston Vacuum Pump

Oil-free piston vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump that can work without any oil lubrication. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and no environmental pollution. It has good durability and is a basic device for obtaining a vacuum with a very wide range of applications. Therefore, it is an ideal component for pneumatic conveying or degassing systems.  


Screw Vacuum Pump

The screw vacuum pump adopts dry compression technology to achieve high pump speed and high vacuum level.  


Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump can be described as the standard vacuum pump in the whole industry. Thanks to its reliability and durability, this vacuum pump can be used in almost all areas of plastics processing.  


For injection molding, the most indispensable part is the drying of materials. Most engineering plastics are hygroscopic, and with the influence of external weather, plastic particles are prone to excessive moisture. Injection molding products with such high moisture content raw materials will cause apparent quality problems such as bubbles or streaks in the injection molded parts, and even reduce product performance in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to use a screw vacuum pump to dry the plastic raw materials during the production process.  


Variable pitch and free exhaust greatly improve the ability of the screw vacuum pump to handle liquids and dust. Its unique temperature profile provides corrosion resistance and optimized efficiency reduces thermal load, thereby extending pump life.  


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages

  1. The surface of the working cavity and the screw rotor has an anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to harsh working conditions  

  2. The gas is not compressed in the pump, which is suitable for extracting condensable gas  

  3. No fuel consumption, no dripping  

  4. Simple structure and easy maintenance  

  5. The pumped gas is directly discharged from the pump body, no water pollution, no environmental protection pressure, and gas recovery is more convenient.


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