Dry Screw Vacuum Pump for Traditional Chinese Medicine Production

Traditional Chinese medicine occupies a pivotal position in China's medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine industry is a traditional national industry in our country, and it is also a rapidly developing emerging industry. The pre-processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials is the basic processing link of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, and the pre-processing equipment should be able to adapt to its development requirements.  


The purpose of pre-processing of Chinese medicinal materials is to produce Chinese medicinal materials or decoction pieces of various specifications and requirements, and at the same time, it can also provide a reliable guarantee for the extraction of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine and the production of traditional Chinese medicinal extracts.  


The main production process of Chinese herbal medicine pretreatment  

The pretreatment of Chinese herbal medicines is to process them into Chinese herbal medicines with certain quality specifications after proper cleaning, soaking, cutting, selecting, frying, drying, etc.  


The application of drying in the production of traditional Chinese medicine has the following aspects: 

  • Material processing 

  • Dry raw materials or products 

  • Inhibit bacterial growth 

  • Conducive to crushing

  • Ensure product quality


Dry screw vacuum pump is a suction and exhaust device that uses a pair of screws to rotate in the pump shell at a high speed and in a reverse direction.


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Features

  • High reliability.

Dry screw vacuum pump has few parts and no wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long service life. Easy to operate and maintain.


  • Good dynamic balance.

Dry screw vacuum pump has no unbalanced inertial force, and the pump can run smoothly at high speed.


  • Adaptable.

Dry screw vacuum pump has the characteristics of forced air delivery, which can maintain a high pumping speed in a wide pressure range, and the exhaust volume is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure.


  • Multiphase mixed loss.

Due to the small gap between the rotor tooth surfaces of the dry screw vacuum pump, it can extract various gases such as corrosive, toxic, dust and condensable steam.  


Traditional Chinese medicine is a unique industry and characteristic industry in China. It should be equipped with advanced equipment according to the production process, select equipment with environmental protection, energy saving and high degree of automation, and continue to promote, develop and improve traditional Chinese medicine equipment, so as to promote the faster development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. The application of dry screw vacuum pump in the production of traditional Chinese medicine just meets this requirement.


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