dry scroll vacuum pump

GWSP Scroll Vacuum Pump Overview

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GWSP Scroll Vacuum Pump Overview

Scroll vacuum pump is oil free mechanical pump. It has the advantage of simple structure, excellent sealing performance, high vacuum degree etc. With benefits of low consumption, long working life, highly reliable, low noise, it’s popularly used in the market.


GWSP Scroll Vacuum Pump Features

Wide range of capacity, capacity from 1 L/S to 16.6 L/S.

Max vacuum can reach 1 Pa.

Worldwide power supply available, 110V/220V/380V/460V, 50HZ/60HZ

Oil free, no oil back, no oil splash

Pump can be started and shut down repeatedly between atmosphere pressure and vacuum

Low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and energy saving

Light weight and small volume

Easy maintenance


GWSP Scroll Vacuum Pump Applications

Backing pump for molecular pump

Analytical test equipment


Scanning electron microscope

Vacuum coating (PVD/CVD/LPD etc)

Vacuuming and packaging for LED/LCD/laser tube

Electron beam welding

Laser welding

Vacuum furnace

Mono crystal furnace

Heat treatment furnace

Laboratory analyzer


Vacuum oven

Vacuum glove box

He mass spectrometry leak detection

Gas recovery and circulation

Sputtering equipment, deposition equipment, ion plating equipment

Surface modification

Space environment simulation

Synchrotron radiation photon beam

Condensate pump regeneration


GWSP Scroll Vacuum Pump Usage Precaution

  1. GWSP series scroll vacuum pumps are used for dry and clean gas. It can not be used for toxic, explosive, corrosive gas. Neither can it be used for gas that contain chemicals, solvents or particles.

  2. Inlet gas temperature can not exceed 50℃. If temperature more than 50℃, then cooling device must be installed in gas inlet pipeline.