Electric Vacuum Device

Because the working principle of various electric vacuum devices is based on electric field and magnetic field to control the movement of electrons in space to achieve the purpose of amplifying, oscillating, and displaying images. Therefore, it is necessary to

  1. Avoid the collision between electrons and gas molecules to ensure the movement law of electrons in space.

  2. Prevent the cathodic oxidation poisoning of emitting thermal electrons.

  3. Pump the electronic device into different vacuum degrees required by different electric vacuum devices.

  4. Ensure the normal operation of the electronic device.

At present, the electric vacuum devices produced in the electric vacuum industry mainly include:

Various electronic tubes (rectifier tube, launch tube, receiver tube, klystron, traveling wave tube, magnetron, photoelectric tube, etc.

Various ion tubes (pump arc rectifier tubes, ignition tubes, counter tubes, thyratron tubes, noise tubes, radar wire switches, etc.). 

Various electron beam tubes (oscilloscope tubes, video tubes, kinescopes, x-ray tubes, variable image tubes, etc.).

Various electric light source tubes (lighting lamps, spectral lamps, instrument lamps, etc.).

Neutron tubes, electron diffractometers, electron microscopes, x-ray microscopes. 

Various particle accelerators, mass spectrometers, nuclear radiation spectrometers, gas lasers. 

Degassing, smelting, regional purification, melting and drilling of refractory metals and media, slotting and cutting, evaporation of radioisotopes, welding of refractory metals, etc.

The role of these electronic devices and processes in modern science and modern large-scale industrial production is self-evident.


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