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We are manufacturer and supplier of liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, water pumps, roots vacuum pumps, scroll pumps, molecular pumps, screw pumps etc. Our company has excellent management team, advanced production technology, technical research, development center, mechanical processing center, set up riveting welding workshop, assembly workshop, testing tables, inspection center and painting room. 


From the R & D to production, from casting to processing, our pump has a complete industrial chain, ensuring production progress on the basis of quality. We have ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CE certificate and offer all necessary certificates to meet the specific requirement of all our customers. All our pumps are under strict quality testing before shipping. For each pump, we test for at least one hour, to test its power, motor speed, current, capacity, vacuum degree etc.


We are the preferred choice for water pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, roots vacuum pumps and blower. All our pumps are available with specific design features to match different applications, so our clients benefit from the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. 


Our products are mainly used in plastic & rubber industry, medical & pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, textile industry, chemical & petrochemical industry, packaging industry, paper making industry, printing industry, power plant, metallurgy & mining industry, environment protection industry etc. With the strong R&D capability, great quality and thoughtful service, we have already provided all kinds of vacuum solutions for clients from more than 80 countries and regions of the world.


Pump is different from other stuff we buy. Most pump is big and bulky. Shipping pump is expensive. So if pump quality is not good, it will waste clients so much time and money.


So we’re doing something different in Doctor Pump Company. Our pumps are built to last. We recommend only the most suitable pump for your project. If there’s a problem with our pump, we’ll gladly work with you to repair the item, exchange it, or get you a replacement.


Find what you need, and you can speak to one of our sales person or order it online.


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