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Vacuum Packaging and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

PET Container Production


Vacuum Packaging and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)  

With the help of vacuum or compressed gas, many processes in the packaging industry can be automated:

Filling goods

Pulling bags with suction

Transporting packaging materials and products

Attaching labels and packaging items with glue

Crating: lifting cardboard boxes with vacuum robots and assembling them

The shelf life of perishables can be extended by deoxygenation. The easiest is to put the product in the bag and evacuate the air. However, the shape of the product can be greatly altered due to the mechanical forces exerted by the environmental pressure on the shape of the product. For this reason, the MAP program has become an option in many fields. In this procedure, the product is packaged under a modified gas from which oxygen is excluded. The product is packaged in blister packs, placed in a vacuum chamber, and evacuated. Then, the correction gas is injected and the blister pack is sealed with a protective film. In this way, even after extended storage time, the food retains its original shape and the meat retains its corresponding red color.


PET Container Production

Although the production of PET bottles is part of the packaging industry, the processing procedures are the same as in the plastics industry. Vacuum technology is used as follows:

Plastic granules drying

Plastic granules conveying

Extruders degassing

Injection molding

Release and treatment of injection molded parts

Injection molded parts drying

Bottle blowing

Plasma treatment to provide barrier layers

Pneumatic conveying of bottles


Packaging and molding



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