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Due to the special mechanical properties of paper, many printing jobs can only be done with the help of vacuum and compressed gas.


Paper Cutting Table

Air cushion makes it easy to move and straighten the paper when cutting paper. For this purpose, the cutting table has a built-in nozzle which is sealed with a spring-loaded sphere. The weight of the paper placed on the sphere opens the nozzle and releases the compressed air under the paper.


Steering Rod and Steering Table

For duplex printing, the paper must be turned over on a suitable steering rod or table. This can be done by blowing the device through a perforated tube, producing an air cushion.

The paper can then slide over the air cushion without touching any surface. After printing, a similar air cushion ensures that the printing paper are air-dried and stacked without smudging wet ink.


Central Vacuum System

Many printing processes require vacuum or compression, including printing, folding, alignment, binding, cutting, packaging and labeling. There is no need to provide a vacuum pump for each production facility. The central vacuum system can provide the required vacuum for all equipment, thus saving production area space and reduce employee exposure to noise and heat.

The central vacuum system uses several compressors and can be maintained without interrupting production as other compressors in the system can take over the malfunctioning machine. In addition, an optimized and economical central vacuum system can be achieved by selectively switching the individual compressors on and off.


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