High Pressure Blower for Printing Machine

The high-pressure blower  can be used for both blowing and suction. It has multiple functions such as vacuum, compression, and conveying etc. It is also called a vortex air pump. But in printing industry, it is generally called suction blower or vacuum blower. Due to the non-destructive transport of paper during printing, fixed printing, and prevention of abrasion, high-pressure blowers have the following functions:

  • Vacuum suction and transportation

Vacuum suction cup is used for suction transportation, and blower is used as vacuum source.

  • Rotary feeder

Blower as the non-destructive and uninterrupted conveying of the rotating feeder.

  •  Vacuum belt conveyor

Blower provides vacuum source with large air volume.

  •  Blower blows, used as the air float of the paper cutter, so that the paper is not worn.

  • For paper loosening, blower is used as an air nozzle to separate the paper and not adhere due to static electricity.


Use of High Pressure Blower:

  • When setting up the blower, avoid dusty, high humidity place, gas should be non corrosive, no direct sunlight, wind and rain, and the ground around the blower should be kept clean. The motor has higher requirements on the surrounding environment. Its bad performance often due to the above reasons, so special attention should be paid.

  • When the blower is installed indoors, the structure of the house should be relatively spacious, and there should be a sufficiently wider and higher door to facilitate the movement and transportation of the blower.

  • Sufficient space must be left around the blower so that personnel can walk around when the blower is running and can do daily maintenance easily.


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