High Pressure Blower for Sewage Treatment

Sewage aeration blowers are mainly used for aeration in the water treatment industry. Some industries also call it aeration pumps and aerators.

The air is discharged from the bottom of the water. After entering, they are dispersed into small bubbles. Driven by the pressure difference caused by the difference in liquid density, air is forced to be added to the water body, liquid or other facilities for aeration process. The aeration is mainly used at the outlet of the blower to connect the pipe to the bottom of the sewage treatment tank for aeration, it is beneficial to overcome short flow and improve buffering capacity. It is also beneficial to oxygen transfer, liquid mixing and sludge flocculation.

The governance of the water environment has always been an issue. People are doing their best to manage the river, applying purification technology, ecosystem restoration, sediment dredging, river aeration and other measures.

High-pressure blowers for sewage treatment are widely used in domestic sewage like aquatic processing plants, livestock processing plants, dairy processing plants and similar industrial organic wastewater, such as textiles, beer, papermaking, tanning, food, chemical, electroplating, etc.

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