Installation of High Pressure Blower for Fish Ponds Aeration

  • The blower is placed on the shore, which is convenient for operation and guarantees the safety of operator, and make sure that there will be no safety accidents, such as electric shock, etc.   

  • The high pressure blower provides oxygen, which is finally transmitted to the water through the main pipe + branch pipe + aeration device (aeration plate or aeration pipe). This advantage is to increase oxygen from the lower part of the pool, which is very effective for deeper ponds.

  • Each pipeline is equipped with a valve, so that each aeration tray can be individually controlled, and for uneven fish ponds, it can be manually adjusted, so that the amount of oxygen emitted by each aeration tray is within a controllable range.

  • After installation, there is no need for modification and maintenance in the later stage, which greatly saves labor, saves a certain amount of time, and improves work efficiency.

  • The aeration effect is outstanding. For large areas and deep pools, there is no dead space for aeration. The dense small bubbles produced can quickly dissolve into the water, achieving the goal of increasing dissolved oxygen in a short time.

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