High Pressure Blower Pipelines Principles

  • Before installing the high-pressure blower, user should be familiar with the various operating requirements of the manual, check whether the accessories are complete, whether the technical documents are complete, etc., and check whether the blower is in good condition during transportation.

  • The weight of the pipeline must not be supported by the blower, and it is not allowed to force connection between the blower and the pipeline, so as not to prevent the increase of vibration and noise. A soft connection should be used for transition.

  • The configuration of pipes and interfaces (the ratio of pipe diameter to the blower outlet diameter is 1.1:1 or larger than the cross-sectional area of the air inlet, the blower outlet diameter), try to shorten the length of the pipe, and use fewer elbows, because the more elbows, the greater the pressure loss.

  • In order to reduce resistance, right-angle T-shaped joints should be reduced or not used, and Y-shaped joints should be used instead. The joints of the pipeline should be sealed, and the joints should be wrapped with sealing tape to prevent air leakage from causing pressure drop and reduce flow loss.

  • In order to protect the motor, a current overload protection device should be installed.


The collocation of the blower pipeline will also have a certain impact on the blower performance and effect. For example, we had a customer that used a 720 double impeller blower for aeration. After connecting the pipeline, the effect was not good, and the air output was very small. After our inspection, we found that the original pipelines has problem. They used 50 pipes, which was not a problem. Then, a branch pipeline was connected, which was a 10mm pipe, and only one was connected.

In this regard, the answer is clear. The pipeline is too thin, the air volume cannot be discharged, and the blower is blocked, which causes the pressure to rise and the temperature too high. Then a series of problems have emerged. After the transformation, the problem has been solved perfectly.

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