Precautions Before Using High Pressure Blower

Many people often confuse high-pressure blowers with ordinary blowers. They do not realize that although the two have similarities in structure, but they belong to  different categories equipment, and they often used in different scenarios. The high-pressure blower is heat-resistant and wear-resistant. It can be used in various difficult situation as long as the user can implement the following three preparations before operating the blower.

  • Set up a silencer at the air outlet.

 Some blowers have high vibration frequencies and noise during operation. If the silencer does not install in time, it will cause problems with the eardrum of the operator, which is not good for health in the long run.

  • Check whether the filter is clogged.

If the clogging is serious and not found in time, it will lead to unexpected conditions. Only precise and accurate cleaning work can resolve the clogging problem.

  •  Adjust the air volume and air pressure control valve.

The blower has very few buttons to prevent accidental touch. The corresponding control skills can be quickly mastered, but the air volume and air pressure must be adjusted in advance. These two aspects determine whether the blower can run normally. In other words, if the set button does not match the actual demand, it may cause the blower to malfunction.

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