Hardware Products Maintenance

With the improvement of people's living standards, many people have purchased products containing hardware such as color TVs, computers, kitchen utensils, etc. at home. For example, kitchen utensils are easy to rust. How to maintain them?

1. Before cleaning, we must pay attention not to use a dry rag to wipe vigorously, but should first use a cleaning technique to absorb all the water on the metal surface, so as to avoid the scale formed on the metal surface after the water volatilizes.

2. If the hardware is painted, it is best to remove the paint. If it is scratched, it needs to be repainted in time to avoid rust damage.

3. For some products or metal utensils, it is best not to use detergents for cleaning, but to dry them with a moisturizing sponge and soft leather, which can effectively ensure that the metal products remain shiny and bright during use.

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