Power Tools Application

A power tool is a mechanized tool. It is powered by a motor or an electromagnet, and operate through transmission mechanism working head. Usually tool is made into hand-held, portable version.


There are a wide variety of power tools, and there are dozens of power tools used in the machinery industry, which are used for drilling, tapping, sawing, shearing, rust removal, polishing, tube expansion and fastening of screws, bolts and nuts, etc.

There are corresponding power tools for sawing, planing, tenoning, sanding, etc. in lumber making, branching, and wood processing, rock drilling in farmland reconstruction, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction and mining, concrete compaction, ballast compaction in railway construction and maintenance, pesticide spraying in agriculture and animal husbandry, wool shearing, tea picking and logging in the forestry sector.  

In terms of medical treatment, there are also special power tools for sawing bones, drilling bones, and removing plaster in surgical operations. Corresponding power tools are also used for carving and carpet shearing in arts and crafts.

The achievements of modern construction industry have driven the development of power tools. In building decoration projects, electric hammers and impact drills can drill high-quality holes in concrete components and masonry walls. There are also corresponding electric tools for laying wires, burying pipes in houses. Power tools such as planers and circular saws are widely used in floor laying, furniture making, installation, etc.  

Some power tools also have special functions. For example, electric scissors can cut the steel plate according to the required curve, electric punching shears can cut holes of various shapes on the steel plate without bending and deforming the workpiece, the magnetic base drill can be adsorbed on the processed steel for drilling operations, climbing pipe sawing machine can automatically cut large-diameter steel pipes, constant torque electric wrench can control bolts to achieve constant tension, electric pipe expanders can automatically control the expansion tightness of the connection between the pipe and the tube sheet, etc.

In addition to being used alone, electric tools can also be used in combination, such as multi-bit drills, combination wrenches, etc. Intelligent power tools can be automatically processed or assembled. For example, intelligent multi-head combination wrenches can automatically tighten several or dozens of bolts with constant torque and constant rotation angle according to design procedures or at the same time on production lines such as engines. The miniature electric screwdriver automatically torques and tightens screws on watch assembly lines.

Many power tools, such as electric drills, electric circular saws, electric planers, etc., can become desktop tools by adding certain accessories (such as benches). Some power tools also have the function of some special machine tools, such as crankshaft grinding machine, valve seat grinding machine for internal combustion engine maintenance and so on. In addition, there are power tools equipped with a variety of replaceable transmission mechanisms and working heads to meet the needs of rural or other mobile machine repair work.

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