Vacuum Pump Classification

Vacuum pump classified by performance characteristics and usage


  • Low vacuum pump

The vacuum pump ultimate pressure is higher than 102Pa belongs to the rough vacuum pump. Common rough vacuum pumps are reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, jet vacuum pumps and adsorption vacuum pumps.


  • Medium vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps with an ultimate pressure of 102-10-1Pa belong to medium vacuum pumps.

Common medium vacuum pumps include roots vacuum pumps, multi-stage jet vacuum pumps, multi-stage rotary mechanical vacuum pumps and high-speed rotary mechanical vacuum pumps.


  • High vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps with an ultimate pressure of 10-1~10-5Pa are high vacuum pumps. Common high vacuum pumps include various diffusion pumps and molecular pumps.


  • Ultra-high vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps with ultimate pressure lower than 10-5Pa are ultra-high vacuum pumps. Ultra-high vacuum pumps mainly include various ion pumps and cryogenic pumps.


Vacuum pump classified by working principle and structural characteristics

  • Mechanical volumetric vacuum pump

The mechanical volumetric vacuum pump is used to realize the pumping effect by periodically changing the working volume of the pump chamber by mechanical movement. This type of pump includes reciprocating vacuum pumps and rotary mechanical pumps (including rotary vane pumps, screw pumps, roots pumps, liquid ring pumps, etc.). Except mechanical booster pumps, other pumps can generally be used alone.

  • Jet vacuum pump

There are no mechanical moving parts, and the jet vacuum pump is mainly used for vacuuming by the high-speed jet through the nozzle. These pumps include water vapor jet pumps, air jet pumps, water jet pumps, and various diffusion pumps. This kind of pump characteristics: simple structure, reliable working, easy maintenance, and it is widely used.

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